Summer School Lesson Plan Ideas

Summer days filled with video games and youtube kids are always a lot of fun for your kids, but it’s also important to keep those minds growing. Working education into your summer can be a difficult and unappealing situation(at least for your child!), but done right it can be some structure and entertainment to your kids life that isn’t based around dabs, Five Nights at Freddy’s or reruns on Disney Plus.

Below are some quick ideas to help kickstart your very own summer school lesson plan:

Math: Take a recipe, half or double it, and have your kid figure out how to adjust!
Literacy: Write a song with your child!
Astronomy: Tour the International Space Station in Minecraft: Education Edition!
Biology: Plant two sets of seeds, one indoors and one outdoors, and have your child write a hypothesis on which will grow better, then track it!
Engineering: Build a fort!
Geology: Go rockhounding and then identify what you found when you get home!
Social Studies: Take a virtual tour of an
historical location and discuss what your
child learned!

Remember, it’s still summer so make sure to mix equal parts fun and education. And be flexible with yourself. The schedule you plan one week might not make sense the next week, but as long as you and your kid are having fun and learning it’ll be alright.