Successful Distance Learning Habits For Students

Distance learning is a new experience for lots of students. Here are some ways to help you become a better distance learner.

Pick a learning space 

Find a dedicated space in your home where you’ll be able to focus on learning. Make sure to choose a space with few family distractions.

Remove distractions

Keep your learning space clean and free of things that distract you. Remove clutter and electronics like phones. Snacks and a beverage are ok as long as you keep your space clean.  

Personalize your space 

Add personal touches to make your space your own. You’re learning space should make you smile. Keep it clear of dust and be sure you have the tools you need, organized and ready. 


If you’re unclear about what to do, or you’re having trouble understanding how to complete a task, ask your teacher, parent, or guardian for help. They are here for you. It’s a good idea to ask for help before it’s too late. 

Structured Time 

Make a set time for learning, physical activity, creativity, screen time, and relaxation. All are important in keeping you healthy and happy. Ask your parents or guardian to help you create a structured schedule for success. 

Self Care 

Take breaks. Tell your teacher when you’re having a hard time. Reach out to your parents when you just need someone to talk to. Your parents and teachers are here to help you be successful and learn. Try your best to follow good habits including sleep, nutrition, and physical activity. It’s normal for learning to feel difficult sometimes. Be sure to give your brain a break when you need it.