Successful Distance Learning Habits For Parents

Distance learning is a new experience for most parents. Here are some ways to help your child become a better distance learner! 

Empower your child to own their learning space 

Monitor your child’s learning space and set the expectation that it’s their space to manage. This helps your child create ownership in their learning environment and helps recreate some of the structure of being at their school desk.

Understand your student’s work load

With the pivot from a traditional learning environment to distance learning there’s a shift in expectations around school work; how it’s completed, deadlines, and what that success looks like. Learn the ins and outs of what your child’s work load is, when it’s due, what is mandatory, what’s optional, and how they are graded. This will help you check in with your child on progress and confidently know what they should have accomplished each week.

Create a schedule  

Work with your child to create a schedule to keep them on track each week. Without the structure of a formal school environment your child could be missing out on quality learning time. As a parent or caretaker, it can be helpful to keep your own calendar of reminders too. This will help you check in with your child’s progress while balancing your work, school, and home life.


Communicate regularly with your child’s teacher, and be sure to provide them with the quickest way to communicate with you. Your child’s education has always been a combined effort of teacher, student and you as the parent. This support network is even more important when you’ve moved from a school to distance learning.

Help your child practice self care 

You and your child need to agree on expectations around sleeping, eating habits, recreational activities, and leisure screen time. Just as your child’s school creates healthy daily habits, your distance learning experience should too. Give yourself and your child plenty of breaks. There will be times when your child is distracted, and days where you’re feeling burnt out. Learning isn’t always easy, but it shouldn’t be painful. Mental health is crucial both for a successful education and a bright future. 

Still looking for more ways to help your child become a better distance learner? Read, Successful habits for students, or schedule a free consultation with a tutor today!