Outdoors Club – Nature Walk

Outdoors Club is an in-person guided nature walk in one of Portland’s many green spaces. Before your tutor-led experience, you’ll access fun online learning resources to prepare you and your child for an educational outdoors adventure. 

Learning Objectives:

Outdoors Club focuses on Science based topics including: Entomology, Ornithology, Biology, Ecology, Botany, and Geology. This program gives students access to online curriculum, and a walking tour of local parks and green spaces.   

At the end of this program, your student will:

  • Identify native and non-native Oregon insects and plants. 
  • Understand Bird and Bug identification Basics. 
  • Identify Oregon Tree Species
  • Describe Ecological and Geographic features of northwest Oregon.
  • Have an understanding of technologies that help us identify and track our natural environment.

The Course:

Leading up to your outdoors experience, you’ll receive access to a ton of great nature based curriculum and resources.

  1. First, you and your student take an online pre test so your outdoors Tutor can understand your level of knowledge. 
  2. Next, students gain access to fun online resources and curriculum so you’ll feel prepared for your adventure.
  3. Before heading outdoors, your Tutor will send you a video about the green space you’ll be exploring.
  4. The Nature Walk is a 90 minute tour of various parks guided by your Tutor. Experience the things you’ve learned about from your online resources. 
  5. Last, the post test will celebrate all the new outdoors knowledge you and your student gained inspiring your next outdoors learning adventure. 

The Experience:

Approximately 90 minutes long, this is a walking journey through Oregon’s green spaces. Your adventure will include take home goodies and a PDX Tutors Field Guide.

Children must be accompanied by one adult. Everyone participating will need to be able to walk 1-2 miles. If your student can’t physically participate in this activity please reach out for an altered plan.  

Sample Curriculum: 

Our free Sample Curriculum Guide will allow you and your student to explore a few of the activities you’ll experience when you join Outdoors Club. 

Class Rates:

Students admission is $50 and includes one parent/chaperone over 18 years old. Families pay $45 for each additional student. Add an additional parent or chaperone for $20.

Reach out to learn more – or sign up for Outdoors Club today!