Together, your tutor will help you and your student identify individualized learning needs, educational opportunities, and achievable academic goals. 

Academic Subjects available for Kindergarten through 12th grade:

– Phonics

– Phonemic awareness

– Writing

– Reading comprehension

– Reading fluency

– Math

– Social studies

Student Orientation

It’s important we get to know each other. First, we’ll meet with your family to create a personalized and effective learning experience. Here’s what we’ll talk about

– Learn student’s personal goals and interests.

– Identify specific subjects for tutoring.

– Discuss student strengths and areas of desired growth.

– Recommend classes & scheduling.

– Fees & Financial Aid

– Student and Parent Resources 

– Free Classes 

Financial limitations shouldn’t determine your tutoring needs – your student orientation is completely free! 

We offer a variety of options to fit your schedule. 

Tutoring sessions are typically one to one in an online setting. If your family is interested in group learning, or tutor sharing, and in-person tutoring, please contact us to discuss special options and rates. 

Flexible schedules are convenient for your family. Our goal is to work seamlessly around your schedule, not complicate it.

We’re fully online! 

Nothing to sign up for or download. We host online meetings that include voice and video chat, screen and content sharing, and digital whiteboards.

– Tutors are trained in Google Meets and Zoom features and functions. 

– Students share homework or school assignments with tutors using a screen sharing function.

– Tutors utilize Google Docs to share information, write, and offer feedback in real time.

– Virtual whiteboards help students visually work through problems and practice writing skills.

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