Our Story

PDX Remote Tutors Co-founder, Hector Ferran and his daughter Beatrice ended the 2019/2020 school year feeling successful. Despite Portland schools switching to distance learning, Beatrice met all academic requirements– and then some! Hector’s job had been furloughed in March 2020 allowing him to devote full time support to his daughter’s online education through the end of the school year.

Realizing a tremendous amount of time and skill is needed to support a student from home successfully, Hector teamed up with Andy Harmsen to form PDX Remote Tutors. Andy’s experience as a tutor makes him uniquely qualified to assist students through challenging educational experiences. 

Like families all over the US, Portland Parents are being forced to pick between their children and their income. Hector, Andy, and the Team at PDX Remote Tutors are here to support their community through these difficult decisions now, and into the future.   

Our Philosophy 

As parents, educators and creatives, We bring our four philosophies to every student we tutor. 

Educational Inclusion

A quality education should be accessible to every student regardless of race, gender, orientation, religious/spiritual beliefs, legal status, or family income. We work with community partners to ensure our Tutors offer education to all students in a safe, unbiased environment.

Confidence building through self learning

When students independently achieve educational goals, they gain confidence in both personal and academic life. We teach self learning skills to help students develop a true passion for their long-term education.  

Creative Skills Empowerment

Every student has a unique skill, talent, or interest. We help students identify what they already do well, and empower them with the support they need to continue developing their unique talent. 

Emotional Health = Academic Success

Students who struggle with academic success can experience difficulty in maintaining emotional health. We help students find achievable academic goals that make them truly feel successful and happy. 

Andy Harmsen, Education Director

Andy has tutored math and science students in the Portland metro area for 8 years, assisting with anything from science fair projects, and standardized test prep, to continuous educational strategies. He earned his B.S. in Biochemistry from Portland State University and is passionate about travel and the outdoors.

Hector Ferran, Executive Director

Hector is an entrepreneur, community advocate, social activist and brand marketer. His experiences in asset based community development, project management and aligning people to solve problems led him to this field at this unique time. Hector, like most Oregonians, loves the outdoors, a good pint, and a bowl of pho.

Bonnie Ferran, Communications Director

Bonnie is a Creative, Parent, and Communications Marketer living in Portland. Her experiences in B2B communications enables her to organize unique educational and social resources for Portland area students and families. Bonnie enjoys hiking and is an avid gardener and rockhound.